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Philip Busbee

As co-owner of Watermark Enterprises, I specialize in buying and selling corrugated boxes, Gaylord boxes, slip sheets, pallets, lumber products, fiber and poly drums, and plastic. My experience includes more than 45 years in the wholesale field, with many of those years in a management position.


Philip offers:

• Exceptional skills in sourcing, product development, pricing, inventory management,
  customer contract negotiation, and supplier negotiation

• Excellent interpersonal skills with customers and suppliers
  with the objective of building long-term relationships

• Leadership skills with the ability to train others in sales process
  and account management, including an emphasis on continuous improvement

• Strong abilities in troubleshooting and complaint handling


Call me: 601.604.5049

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Kathy Busbee

After 25 years as an educator and a mentor to other teachers, 4 years as the director of an educational tutoring facility and 14 years in the wholesale field, I started my own business, (along with my husband Philip) in 2014. And fortunately for us, our combined skills have given us the ability to help customers across the U.S.


Kathy offers:

• Excellent organizational and relationship-building skills

• Skill in new business development and marketing

• Understanding of operations management, including working with vendors
  and managing income/expenses

• Understanding of corrugation and pallet business and also logistics coordination

• Skill in process improvement and customer service


Call me: 601.604.2679

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Michael Busbee

Michael has been selling corrugated sheets, Gaylord boxes, and pallets to many satisfied customers across the U.S. since 2005.  As our sales and marketing executive, he is dedicated to finding the best products at competitive prices for his customers.


Michael offers:

• A thorough understanding of corrugation and pallet business as well as logistics          coordination

• Exceptional organizational skills

• Strong abilities in marketing strategies

• Excellent management of accounts with emphasis on relationship building and          customer satisfaction


Call me: 205.657.0851

Email me:



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